The president of QZU is attending nanjing university's "the hot spot application of biotechnology and industrialization of BBS".
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On June 30, 2017 by nanjing university, institute of industrial technology research institute of jiangsu province pharmaceutical biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology institute in jiangsu province, hosted "south foreign exchange earning, application and industrialization of biotechnology hot BBS" in xianlin campus of nanjing university "star of kechuang" college students held the gen space. This BBS has gathered more than 20 biomedical field top experts and scholars and 18 excellent biological technology companies and world famous investment institutions, theme BBS and workshops two link, the parties around the current situation of biological technology research and industrialization situation, investment hot spots and their development prospects are carried on the thorough discussion.

Our Yang Sijun, director of the center for technology transfer, the robot introduced the double and the progress of the construction of nanjing university, entrepreneurs welcome alumni and transformation of scientific and technological achievements for the school to provide investment and financing channels and experience, to promote nanjing university biomedical results and industry development, and hope that all parties attending the meeting.

In the theme on the BBS, executive director of the college of life science at nanjing university professor zi-chun hua first as the indomitable spirit, leading the industry - basic research to the application and industrialization of thinking and exploration of the theme of the report. Zi-chun hua to introduce participants to the life science college of history and points out that in one hundred, the strict truth-seeking academic style and hardworking research tradition is not only let life science college out of 43 members, but also produced a series of important application of science and technology achievements, and train a group of biotechnology for the domestic and foreign outstanding scientists and entrepreneurs, for human health and made great contributions to the development of society. "Scientific research support, industry feedback research", "paying equal attention to basic research and applied into", was born in different historical stages of development research institute of research ideas, "indomitable spirit, leading industry" is a important mission of current biomedical technology research and development. In how from basic research to applied research on the problem of zi-chun hua proposed "basis and application, and the relation between theory and practice, and the relation between indicators and actual effect, and the relation between frontier and demand, the production process combining, passion and perseverance" point of view, and let the participants have benefited a lot from.

Nanjing military region center for disease control and prevention medicine biotechnology institute, yue-xi li, military academy of medical sciences researcher at the institute of radiation and radiation medicine pay friends of the hanjiang river, nantong autumn biological technology co., LTD., president of Qiu Weiran, nanjing university student science college professor Shi Yun, in Europe and the United States industry innovation alliance secretary-general Marco Confucianism, its capital management co., LTD., managing director of Zou Min, changsha hui, biological technology co., LTD. The president PiJianBo respectively made the RNA molecule marker of tumor progression and the outlook, "the industrialization path to explore life sciences", "diagnosis reagent and vaccine development and industrialization of experience", "genetic screening and education", "friends of the autumn" biotech venture road, the biomedical investment hot spot and direction, the biotechnology (TCM) experience and thinking "the theme of the report. Shanghai JianMing assets, founder and president, founder and president of forrest gump raise the WuJianMin as a facilitator, respectively from the Angle of technology, production and capital, to share their results and opinions, to all personnel to participate in BBS fully shows the biomedicine cutting-edge technology and its industrialization development present situation and prospect.

In the afternoon of the workshops, the participants in the life sciences industry business prospects, "" scientific research, commercial" virtuous circle ", the use of biotechnology and information technology to build a healthy ecosystem ", "how to use capital to accelerate the development of biological science and technology to benefit human" as the theme, on in-depth and heated discussion. They all said, the ultimate goal of biotechnology research and development is the production of commercial products, business investment, support the modern biological technology research, how to scientific research, industry, health, capital and other factors are perfect combination, explore a closer integration of scientific, technological and economic practice a new path is the parties need to think about. (double establishment)

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